METRO - 04/09/07


In His Image sees Bermingham and Robinson - regular fixtures on the Cardiff art scene - collaborating once again, each bringing their own influence to this unique partnership.  One painter, one sculptor and unlimited access to the Garej Art Gallery for one week have transformed the space into a miniature aircraft hanger.  Bermingham and Robinson are renowned for their off-kilter looks at the incessant need for humans to tinker and the development of shed culture; they revel in such things as kit cars, or in this case the beautifully crafted model Spitfires that adorn the space.  Each Spitfire has been constructed from a single reclaimed pub sign; every component marked out, cut out and then assembled.
What's most fascinating is that the leftover scrap remains as intricate as the finished planes.  The duo have been meticulous to the point that the remnants of pub signs mirror the plans on the wall - there's no excess or waste, the artists have only taken what was needed.  The process has been catalogued, with plans for you to make your own plane adorning the walls.  Creating art that can inspire and be shared, Bermingham and Robinson's ideas incite some very welcome playfulness. 
Brodie Lyon