Artists Robert Bermingham and Richard Robinson have worked collaboratively over the past nine years, forging a dynamic artistic partnership that has a growing reputation. Whilst Richard began his art practice as sculptor, Robert was a printmaker and they now work together across a variety of media - drawing, painting, sewing, sculpture and installation. Past projects have been sited both in and outside of the gallery, including billboard posters and in-house gatherings. The works reference boyhood, advertising, comic books, computer games and corporate culture, born out of the need to reconcile the promise of a sun-filled youth with the stark reality of growing up. It questions the belief that as the world becomes more modern so it will become more reasonable and enlightened - exposing the misapprehension that a truly modern world will have rational, forward-looking and humane values. As a pair they are full of bluster and bravado but the resulting work is an investigation into the world around them, coloured by the hope that everything will be alright but with the knowledge that it might not be.

Curator Karen MacKinnon writes 'Their works are playful and humorous in their boys-own way but there is an ensuing sense of loss, loss of direction which seems to come from not knowing one's place in the world, an unsettling feeling that things were not meant to turn out like this. There is a harking back to childhood for answers, for clarity, a time when things were simpler, easier to grasp. The resultant works have a sense of being caught between the boy and the adult male, lost somewhere just before adolescence in computer games and car manuals but also evoking perhaps a sense of being lost in the complex world of multinational corporate culture, Zoo magazine and the X Box.'